Cacao Ceremony

100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Medicina Del Corazon

Once revered and respected as one of the most powerful plant medicines in the jungle, cacao was considered a symbol of the nourishment and abundance that Mother Nature provides.

A feminine energy, the cacao goddess Ixcacao was worshipped by the Mayan people and called upon to help the drinker deepen into the essence of their heart. Often facilitating profound spiritual journeys, she was a reminder to the people of their inherent connection to the earth.

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Our Story

About The Cacao Club

Connected to our devices but disconnected from nature and to an extent, ourselves.

The Cacao Club was born out of a deep desire to help people connect to the earth and to their own bodies in order to find deeper meaning and fulfilment.

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Our 'Beginners Guide to Cacao' ebook will teach you everything you need to know in order to begin sharing this ancient plant medicine with yourself and those around you. 

From the science and health benefits to the history and cultural traditions, learn how to begin working with Cacao safely and respectfully.


Wondering Where to Buy Ceremonial Cacao?

Here at The Cacao Club, it’s our priority to offer our customers the opportunity to find deep fulfilment and meaningful connection in their daily lives aided by the highest quality cup of goodness. 

We firmly believe that it takes mental, emotional and spiritual vibrancy in order to stay ready for what life has in store for you next. With our ceremonial cacao in Australia, we help you get back in touch with your heart’s calling and help to provide the space for your actions to follow.

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We give you the fuel you need to ignite your truest passions

Without the right support, giving so much of yourself can be exhausting, especially while trying to nurture and stay true to your own sense of self — you are here to serve the world, and we’re here to support you in doing that. 

With our range, you’re given an aid that will nurture you in supporting your mission — whatever it is. We give you the fuel you need to ignite your truest passions. 

As a form of pure, organic cacao paste, this product has not been tampered or interfered with by other ingredients, allowing it to stay in its purest, most authentic form. It is lightly roasted and shelled, where it is then stone-ground by our unique process. 

Always consult your regular doctor or medical professional before consuming cacao, especially if you are breastfeeding or are pregnant. 


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