Support Sleep, Recovery & so much more with Ashwagandha

I know you've heard of it, perhaps you've tried it, but how much do you really know about the absolute GIFT that is Ashwagandha?
When I was studying herbal medicine, my favourite classes were the ones taught on the Ayurvedic approach. Everything about this ancient Indian discipline made so much sense to me. I loved diagnosing people based on their Dosha (primary constitution or ‘health type’) and the traditional herbs were some of the better tasting in our dispensary. 
One of the absolute stars of Ayurveda is of course Ashwagandha or ‘Withania somnifera’ as it scientifically named. Known in India as a Rasayana herb which means Rejuvenator or Tonic, we in western herbal medicine refer to this category of herbs as Adaptogens.
Adaptogens support the body during periods of heightened stress and are ideal for those who are rundown, depleted and/or recovering from illness.
Another common translation refers to Ashwagandha as 'strength of a stallion'. This herbal hero provides inner strength and calm that helps the body to stay grounded whilst building energy from within.
In case you still need convincing here are just a few of the MANY benefits this plant provides and how it can help to support your health in 2022!

Sleep Quality

Clinically proven to improve the sleep quality of both insomniacs and ‘good sleepers’ alike, Ashwagandha calms the body and encourages deep and regenerative sleep. 


#1 for recovery & post viral fatigue syndrome, Ashwagandha is immune boosting working on natural killer cells and boosting white blood cells - A must for post Covid recovery!


Ashwagandha is clinically recognised as a powerful anxiolytic - supporting the adrenals and reducing both physical and emotional stress.

Strength Building

Ashwagandha boosts exercise performance, cardiorespiratory endurance and muscular strength in both men and women.

Hormone Health

Commonly used to increase Testosterone levels in men and to support women during menopause, Ashwagandha is both strengthening and balancing.

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