The Truth behind the Ceremonial Grade Cacao Craze

These days there are so many different brands out there claiming to source and sell ceremonial cacao. While it is amazing to see more people adopting this healing plant medicine, it is so important that the traditional wisdom keepers of this medicine are respected, acknowledged and compensated.

Not all cacao is created equal and it is important to know what to look for in order to ensure that firstly, you are not being duped or overcharged and even more importantly, that the indigenous communities who grow and produce this medicine are not being exploited.

Because there are currently no regulations or standardisations in place regarding what makes cacao ‘ceremonial,’ we highly recommend doing your research and making your judgement based on the integrity of the company.
Ceremonial Cacao Beans

Our non-negotiables are:

Traditional methods - Ceremonial Cacao is grown and harvested by indigenous communities who are acknowledged and compensated for their traditional wisdom and cultural practices.
Sustainability - The earth and natural habitat where the plant is grown is treated lovingly and respectfully with sustainable agricultural practices.

Organic - No pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals have come into contact with the plant.

Fair trade - The farmers who grow and harvest the plants are fairly paid at a price they deserve, one which allows them to sustain themselves, their families and their communities. 

Minimally processed - Gentle fermentation and roasting temperatures are applied so that the plant maintains its natural purity and quality.

Bean to bar - Every step of the process from jungle to cup is carried out with intention and complete transparency. It is not unheard of for cacao brands to simply shave or chop off a block and repackaged with a ceremonial label attached. 

Remember, ceremonial cacao has been used to facilitate ritual and ceremony for millennia. It is our goal to reintegrate this tradition and help our customers to connect to this powerful plant as a MEDICINE and not a junk food.
ceremonial cacao indigenous mayan farmers

Here at The Cacao Club, we are committed to 100% traceability, when it comes to cacao. Our single origin Q´eqchi Cacao Beans are grown deep in the rainforest in Guatemala from the Federation of Cooperatives of Coban, Alta and Baja Verapaz.

Every step of the process from the roasting, peeling, grinding and pouring is carried out by us with beans sourced directly from small-scale farmers from the indigenous people of Mayan Q´eqchi.
For more information on our cacao sourcing and standards you can visit our FAQ page. 

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