The healing properties of cacao make it highly revered in ancient cultures and traditional rituals and ceremonies. Around the world today, it is being used to aid in meditation, self-reflection, journaling, intention setting, shamanic healing, full moon circles and more. With its ability to activate the mental, emotional and spiritual body, as well as cultivate meaningful connection with nature and the earth, our ceremonial cacao blocks are the perfect stepping stone towards deeper fulfilment and authentic connection to self and others.

Which is better: a block or powder for ceremonial cacao drinks?

It is important to note that despite both types having been derived from the same plant and grown under the same conditions, cacao powder has been processed in a very different way that extracts its natural butters from the paste.

Whilst powder still has great benefits, if you prefer the most traditional and nutrient-dense form, opt for our unique ceremonial cacao blocks, which offer you all the best characteristics of this celebrated plant medicine.

Cacao as medicine

The benefits of ceremonial cacao drinks have been recognised since ancient times as a medicine for treating physical, emotional and spiritual disorders. In addition to relaxing the physical body and reducing blood pressure, cacao can also support emotional and mental health, providing clarity, motivation and inspiration which, in the right setting can lead to feelings of euphoria and spiritual transformation.

Through our online store, we stock the highest quality products in this category, giving you the opportunity to experience these effects for yourself. Whether you're on a journey of self-discovery or just looking to experience deeper alignment and connection to the world around you, it all starts here.

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