A Practice for Peace with Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is a powerful tool to help us to connect the heart and heal the emotional body. This cacao ritual is designed to cultivate LOVE and PEACE in a moment when so many people on earth are suffering. 
In this time of great sorrow let us not lose ourselves in the fear or fall victim to the lies and propaganda that tells us that we are alone, separate.

May we remember who we are, remember our power and come home our heart. Come home to our truth, so that we can first meet ourselves and then each other in unconditional love and compassion.
Here is a step by step guide to my Ceremonial Cacao practice for peace, ideal for grounding and healing in these intense times.

Step One: Prepare your Ceremonial Cacao

With aromatic Rose and warming Cayenne, our Intimacy blend facilitates deep healing for the emotional heart. For this ritual we recommend to prepare your Cacao with one cup of warmed oat milk to nourish and comfort the nervous system. 

Step Two: Set your Space

For this ritual you want to feel completely safe and supported. Ensure you have plenty of blankets, cushions, candles and are in a place that you won't be interrupted for 20 minutes.

Step Three: Invocation

Before drinking, we recommend taking a moment to offer gratitude for not only the medicine of Cacao but for the Earth and Great Spirit. Call upon your Ancestors, the Ancient Elders, Grandmothers and Grandfathers and ask that they watch over you and anyone else you know that needs healing. 

Step Four: Journey Within

This is a POWERFUL Puja by Buddha Meitreya, shared with me by my teacher Rita Hriaz. It is incredibly strong and offers deep healing and inner peace. Once you have finished your Ceremonial Cacao, lay down and relax your body whilst letting the puja wash over you.

Step Five: Pray for Peace

Write down or meditate on where you would like to direct healing and love into the world. Picture the individuals, communities or places in the world that need healing and visualise a vibrant white light pouring out of your heart and being received by those in need. This doesn't have to be complicated, your intention and energy is strong - trust your power. 

Step Six: Integrate

Take sometime before you close your ritual to come back to the material world and ground yourself in the physical. Journaling is a helpful way to get clear on any insights or revelations received during your ritual.
Although simple, this is a powerful ritual that has allowed me to calm my nervous system and find peace when I find that the troubles of the world are weighing heavy.

Love Club 

If you find it difficult to drop in alone, I would like to extend an invitation for you to join Love Club, our FREE online Cacao Community, where we have the space to reflect, share and process what is moving for us in the present moment. This is a safe space to be seen and held by a conscious and loving community, supported of course, by the Medicine of Cacao.  We are all in this together and remembering that is what is going to get us through.
With Love, 

Jordan & The Cacao Club 


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