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Our Story

The Cacao Club was born out of a deep desire to help people connect to the Earth and to their own bodies in order to find deeper meaning and fulfilment.

Founded by medical herbalist, Jordan Cohayney, The Cacao Club launched in London in 2016. Starting with events or Cacao Ceremonies,’ Jordan set out to create an offering that could bring people together by encouraging vulnerability and authentic expression, laying the foundation for deep connection to self and others. 

As their popularity grew, interest around the energetic and therapeutic qualities of cacao followed. It was then that Jordan formulated a product that allowed people to take the experience of a cacao ceremony home to recreate their own cacao ritual of their own.

Merging modern clinical knowledge with the traditional usage and ancient wisdom associated with cacao, The Cacao Club products serve as holistic tools that encourage people to become their own healers.

Today The Cacao Club products and events are opening hearts and minds around the world to the origins and true healing potential of this ancient plant teacher.

We exist to bridge the gap between science and tradition by facilitating meaningful connection that awakens people to the healing potential that exists within themselves.

We recognise that this would not be possible without the traditions and knowledge passed down for thousands of years by the indigenous people who founded them. It is for this reason that we give back to the communities we work with by investing in sustainable farming practices and contributing to medical services and healthcare for indigenous workers and their families.

We believe that continuing to keep these traditions alive and present within the western world is a fundamental part of our healing and growth as a human race.

We believe that there is no separation between us and the world around us. We are all connected, all on this journey together and each one of us all with the same fundamental need to be loved and accepted.

It is our aim to awaken the healer within by encouraging authentic connection and the full expression of self. We support the journey of healing and evolution from the inside out, emotionally, physically, spiritually and beyond.

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10% of every sale goes directly to the preservation of Indigenous culture & tradition.