Reciprocity & Reconciliation

We acknowledge the sacred and divine nature of Cacao as a plant medicine and the spiritual stature that has been long attributed to it by Mayan people past and present.

The Cacao Club is built on Three Pillars

1. Tradition

Honouring, Acknowledging and Giving Back to the indigenous communities whom this wisdom was founded. We honour the history of Cacao by sharing this sacred knowledge with our community whilst ensuring that everything we do is done so with authenticity and integrity.

2. Sustainability

We believe that there is no separation from us and the earth. Without our home and health there is no life, no growth and no healing.

We employ environmentally sustainable practices to create our products, keeping both our planet and bodies healthy. From the ingredients we use to our process, it is important that each step is done with our planet as a priority.

3. Authenticity

We are all on a unique journey, all at different stages of awakening. By speaking openly and honestly about our processes and priorities as a business, allows us to grow, evolve and show up for our planet and people in a way that creates lasting change. 

Supporting Our Farmers

We pay a premium on our beans to ensure the sustainable cultivation of Cacao from jungle to cup. We are deeply invested with Fedecovera, one of Guatemala’s leading reforestation organisations. Using modern agricultural practices that respect human dignity & biodiversity, they proudly fulfil their mission to provide a way for farmers to improve their living conditions while honouring and protecting their culture and ecosystem.

Cacao farms in an agroforestry system can help to counter global warming by planting even more trees - this is what we are all about! Working closely with these organisations has given us the opportunity to contribute to the empowerment of women in business, health, education and reforestation in Guatemala.

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Passing the Mic

We believe that spiritual and energetic properties of Cacao have the power to transform lives. There are so many layers to what makes this medicine such an important tool for healing and awakening.

Working with cacao is an incredible opportunity and one that we highly recommend. There are many cacao training courses out there all with their own unique perspective on this medicine. 

Alongside our flagship cacao course Heart Medicine, we support The Mayan Wisdom Project, an indigenous led organisation that supports the traditional wisdom keepers of these practices. 

They offer a 9-week Cacao Training Program that puts a great focus on the history and lineage of this medicine, honouring the ways of the millenary civilisation behind it. It is led by 100% Mayan indigenous teachers - spiritual leaders, history experts, nutritionists, cacao farmers, and producers and we cannot recommend it enough for those looking for a truly authentic and deeply rich cacao experience. 

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10% of every sale goes directly to the preservation of Indigenous culture & tradition.