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Heart Medicine 2.0

Heart Medicine 2.0 is a month-long program for healers and wellness leaders who want to learn how to hold Cacao Ceremonies and intentional space through deepening their connection to Self & Spirit.

This course is for conscious & committed humans who are ready to unleash their unique Heart Medicine. 


Get ready
to unleash YOUR unique
Heart Medicine

Our Online Course

What is included?

  • 12 day supply of Ceremonial Cacao to drink during our live sessions.
  • Hard copy of 'A Beginners Guide to Cacao' to have on hand to support your practice. 
  • Cacao Dieta with 7 x live guided meditations to help you meet and embody the Cacao Spirit within each of your energy centres.
  • 4 x modules delivered via live workshops on Zoom. 2 hour sessions with time for Q & A.
  • 4 x workbooks, which include recipes, run throughs, and templates so you can easily practice and share your offerings with your community.
  • 2 x Virtual Cacao Ceremonies to journey deeper with Cacao and practice holding space within a group setting.
  • 1:1 session with Jordan to deepen into your personal offering and uncover your unique medicine.
  • Access to our personal playlists and sound journeys to use and share in your own events.
  • Epic support via our private Facebook community.

You have a BIG heart and a unique gift to share

You crave deep and meaningful connection, small talk just won't cut it.

You're sick and tired of keeping yourself small just so others stay comfortable. You know you are powerful and you know you have something special to share with the world...

But you hold yourself back.

You doubt yourself and question whether it's enough.

Sometimes you’re unsure if the world (and the people in your life) are really ready for the depth of what you have to share...

Your sensitivity, your emotions, your joy, your pain, your passion, your talent, your WHOLE heart.

The REAL you, in all of your messy perfection.

You are a truth seeker by nature and you long to share your truth, your WHOLE truth with those around you. 

Darling one, the time is now

There are so many people out there, your people, your tribe, who are in need of the unique HEART MEDICINE that only you can share.

They too long for more - More truth, more freedom, more vulnerability, more compassion.

A space to be seen for who they really are, safe to drop the heavy layers of protective armour that shields them judgement but ultimately blocks them from expressing their truth and embodying the fullness of their being.

If you are longing for a space, a community, that sees you and accepts you in your truth, that holds you in your pain and celebrates you in your joy...

If you are craving a deeper understanding of your own body wisdom and the ability to speak the language of your heart...

If you trust in the healing power of nature and wish to connect more deeply to the earths wisdom...

If you feel the call to deepen your understanding of plant medicine and sacred space holding...

If you feel called to immerse yourself in daily ritual & sacred ceremony…

Then beautiful being, let's talk about HEART MEDICINE!


"The most profound part of this experience was taking the time out to sit with myself & notice how my energy centres are presenting themselves each day, & beginning to understand my inner purpose whilst being held by the medicine of Cacao.

I loved experimenting with a different tonic for each different chakra & noticing how different herbs affected me energetically. I especially connected to the meeting the Cacao spirit guided meditation at the beginning, this was so wonderful... Something I will always treasure."

Mel Sanger

“This experience guided my exploration and passion of holding space for others. More importantly though, this experience gifted me the opportunity to hold space for myself. Cacao opened my heart, and cleared space for me to go deep within to connect. The intertwining of these experiences have taught me growth, wisdom and gentle healing.”

Jennifer Saving

A Journey Into YOU

As much as this program is designed to teach you how to work with Ceremonial Cacao, it is so much more than a 'How to Guide.'

The true magic of Cacao lies in her ability to bring out your unique essence - your gifts.

We call this your personal medicine.

This program will teach you how to uncover your personal medicine and unlock your unique gifts guided by the Medicine of Cacao.

Not only will you learn how to deepen into alignment with your own body and spirit but you will learn how to connect more authentically with your community (find your tribe) and nature (feel supported by the earth).

The Result

After completing this program you will have formed a deep and lasting relationship to the Cacao Spirit.

You will have developed an embodied understanding of her medicine and how to share it in a way that feels aligned and authentic to YOU.

You will have deepened into your alignment with your higher self and have formed an understanding of how to tap into your innate body wisdom whenever you need AND feel confident guiding others to do the same.

You will have gained the practical skills to be able to begin sharing Cacao safely, respectfully and most importantly with confidence. 

Four Weeks : Four Modules

Week One: 

Open Your Heart

Week One is all about opening yourself up to RECEIVING.

You will learn how to listen and respond to your bodies subtle messages so that you can open yourself fully to Cacao and to your own heart.

In this module we will embark on a Cacao Dieta. This daily meeting with Cacao over seven consecutive days will take us on a journey through the seven chakras allowing us to fully embody what it means to be in relationship with this medicine 

Week Two: 

Meet Your Medicine

In Week Two, you’ll learn about both the Science and the Traditions fo this ancient plant. We cover the history and lineage of Cacao as well as the biochemical properties of how the medicine works and interacts with the body on a cellular level.

In this module you will also learn how to work with and share Cacao respectfully with a focus on supporting and giving back to the Indigenous communities that have shared their wisdom and traditions so generously for thousands of years.

Week Three:

The Art of Ceremony

In Week Three you will learn how to prepare and hold sacred, intentional space for yourself and your community.

You will learn how to invoke the seven direction and create a safe container for your participants to journey within. 

You will learn how to guide, support and integrate what arises for yourself and your participants as you open yourself up to healing and growth.

Week Four:

Share Your Gifts

Week Four is about both integration and action.  

In 1:1 and group sessions you will have the opportunity to craft the design for your Cacao offering.

This divine marriage of your personal medicine, supported by your unique relationship with Cacao is what you will carry out into the world and share as a sacred expression of your heart.

Heart Medicine


After taking part in the last round of Heart Medicine,  Naomi went on to start her own successful business where she shares her unique approach to this medicine and even hosts a podcast dedicated to cacao!

This is just one example of how Heart Medicine can support the evolution of your personal offering and bring out your individual gifts.

Your Heart Medicine Guide

Meet Jordan

Jordan is the director and founder of The Cacao Club and has been work with Cacao for 8 years. 

As a qualified herbalist and naturopath, Jordan is passionate about bridging the gap between science and tradition, making plant medicine more accessible for people from all walks of life. 

Jordan approaches plants and plant ritual with deep respect and humility for the indigenous lineage from which it originates.

She is passionate about finding a harmonious and inclusive path forward when it comes modern Cacao use. One that enriches the lives of both the First Nations People to whom these and acient practices are incredibly sacred and the curious hearts of the western world who are so in need of the wisdom they have to share. 

A big part of Jordan's mission and what she aims to share is how we can all learn to live in right relationship with the earth, with each other and most importantly with ourselves. 



“It is incredible that a virtual group of ceremonial cacao can bring together so much empowerment, support and healing.

This was the perfect way to get acquainted with ceremonial cacao and initiate a loving and delicious relationship with this nurturing medicine. Jordan your availability was so impressive and it definitely gave me a sense of ease even at a distance.

The Cacao initiation has opened up a whole new world of healing and growth that I'm sure will always stay with me on my journey.”

Giuliana Martinez

"I went through quite a journey and feel I have gone a long way to healing the pains of my past. It was very deep and moving and often quite difficult - as shifts in our emotions are meant to be!

What an amazing plant medicine, I think I will be drinking it every day for the rest of my life, I now feel renewed and more complete!
Thank you!"

Tracey Smith

Unlease Your Unique
Heart Medicine

Next Round: May 2023

  • 12 Day Supply of Ceremonial Cacao 
  • 2 x Live Cacao Ceremonies
  • 4 x Live workshops with Q&A
  • 7 x 30 min Guided Meditations
  • 1:1 Session with Jordan
  • Hard Copy of A Beginners Guide to Cacao 
  • Playlists and Ceremony Run Through Guide
  • Epic support from you Heart Medicine Tribe

Plus so much more...

Your Investment: $899*

*Payment Plan Available